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Daniel Eisenhardt

Daniel Eisenhardt (b. 1982) is a percussionist, educator and composer from Southwest Germany. He studied percussion at the BFSM Sulzbach-Rosenberg with Eckhard Kopetzki, who also sparked his interest in composing. Mr. Eisenhardt continued his studies at the HfM Wuerzburg, where he received a masters degree in percussion and percussion education. His interest in many different instruments and musical styles plays an important role in his identity as a musician and composer. He has written music for a variety of percussion instruments, sometimes combining them with voice or electronics. He is part of the "Rhythmoton Percussion Duo" and performs as a soloist or in various chamber music settings.

As an educator, Mr. Eisenhardt has more than fifteen years of experience, currently teaching percussion at the municipal music school in Boeblingen. He also hosts a drum circle for children with learning disabilities at a local special school, conducts workshops and leads a choir in his parish.

Mr. Eisenhardt is a proud member of the "Percussion Creativ" society and has contributed to their publication "off-beat" by reviewing new compositions for percussion.

His compositions for various instruments and formations have been published by C. Alan Publications, Strube Verlag and Ineke Busch Verlag or are available directly on this page. His Youtube-Channel "FancyNoise" contains recordings of his music and DIY-Videos for percussionists.


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  • 22.10.23 Bonhoeffer-Oratorium, Schramberg
  • 11.11.23 Musikwerk Stuttgart, Wizeman, 19 Uhr
  • 25./26.11.23 Camerata viva Tübingen, Martinskirche Sindelfingen
  • 27.01.24 "Go(o)d News" Pop- und Gospelchor, 19 Uhr, Schluchtern
  • 28.01.24 "Go(o)d News" Pop- und Gospelchor, 19 Uhr, Eglosheim
  • 02.03.24 "Go(o)d News" Pop- und Gospelchor, 19 Uhr, Öhringen
  • 03.03.24 "Go(o)d News" Pop- und Gospelchor, 19 Uhr, S-Rohr
  • 16.03.24 "Go(o)d News" Pop- und Gospelchor, 19 Uhr, Ehningen
  • 17.03.24 "Go(o)d News" Pop- und Gospelchor, 19 Uhr, Rutesheim



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